2011 "From Failure to Promise Scholars"
2012 "From Failure to Promise" k-12 Educator's Grant Recipient
Horizon Science Academy Dayton Elementary School
2012 "From Failure to Promise Scholars"
1st Place Winner: Olamide Oyetunji

Olamide is pursuing a Ph.D in Food Science from the University of Georgia.

Olamide is currently a Graduate Research Assistant in the Center for Food Safety Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of Georgia.

"Promise": Olamide's PhD research is focused on finding means to detect infectious Norovirus (commonly known as stomach flu) in food samples. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, "foodborne diseases have many adverse economic and physical consequences within the African Region. Foodborne diseases complicate and increase the health degradation of the 25 million people living with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.  For example, the 1998 outbreak of cholera in Tanzania cost US $36 million to remediate. Olamide's commitment to improving the lives of global citizens in her own words, " is to be a strong link in ensuring and improving the safety and quality of food products globally.” In essence, Dr. Oyetunji will be instrumental in providing access and quality food products to global citizens in some of the world's most poorest regions.
2nd Place Winner: Michael F. Brown

Michael is pursuing a Master of Theology Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

"Promise": According to the US State Department close to 20,000 citizens are trafficked into the United States annually. The US is the world's leading destination for human trafficking. Michael's commitment to improving the lives of global citizens has lead him to taking a voluntary role in a non-for-profit organization called, "Free The Captives-Houston". Michael is committed to using his biblical and theolgical acumen to spiritually liberate and free the victims of human trafficking on the streets of Houston and beyond.

3rd Place Winner: Hsueh Heng (Henry) Cheng

Henry just earned his HS Diploma from Vincent Massey Secondary School in Windsor, Ontario.

"Promise": Henry is now pursuing studies at Northwestern University in the Bioscientist Program. Henry's commitment to improving the lives of global citizens is evidenced by his aspiration to become a medical doctor who will specialize in the "human brain". Henry is driven to participate in the "Doctors without Borders" Program offering medical services in and throughout some of the world's poorest regions.
1st Place Winner: Elysia Jennett

Elysia is pursuing a Master of Science in General Biology at the   University of Arizona.

"Promise": Elysia recently left her position as a middle school science teacher to pursue her research passion and interest. Elysia plans to improve the lives of global citizens by providing research, tools, and techniques to land and water resource managers on how to control invasive species. Her current research focuses on the "dreissena bugensis", most commonly referred to as the "quagga mussel". It destroys coastal infrastructure and power plants (hydroelectric dams). The US spends over $100 billion a year in efforts to control this invasive species.
2nd Place Winner: Faithful U. Okoye

Faithful just completed her A.A. in Journalism from Broward Community College, she is headed to the University of Virginia to pursue a BA in Journalism.

"Promise": Faithful plans to improve the lives of global citizens by pursuing a progressive career as a fiction writer.  Her dream is to open a Christian Children's Learning Center/Library in Nigeria. She wants to provide language, keyboarding, and writing tutorials. The center will also provide leadership, spiritual, and emotional development/mentoring.
3rd Place Winner: Brian D. Vasquez

Brian is a Junior at California State University-San Bernardino, pursuing a BA in Public Administration.

"Promise": Brian plans to improve the lives of global citizens by continuing to compose music that reaches the spiritual needs of listeners. Upon graduation he hopes to begin a career in public service. He wants to discover ways to mitigate pollution and congestion that negatively affects millions of California residents.
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2014 " From Failure to Promise" k-12 Educator's Grant Recipients

Rochester College - Rochester Hills, MI
Benedictine University - Lisle, IL

Dr. C Moorer & Associates, Inc. made generous donations to these institutions in 2014 to support scholarships and teacher education programs.
2013 "From Failure to Promise Scholars"
1st Place Winner: Jared T. Stokes

Jared is pursuing a Master of Public Health Degree from Drexel University.

Jared is currently the Student Health 101 Coordinator at Drexel University. He is also an intern at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in Greater Philadelphia.

"Promise": Jared's research focuses on the intersection of poverty and insufficient access to quality healthcare, habits, and outcomes within the populations and individuals whom suffer from chronic illnesses and diseases. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), between 2010 and 2009 the State of Pennsylvania incurred a tremendous spike in reported deaths (+31,000). While heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in the United States, the variables of poverty, educational level, occupation, ethnciity, gender, and lifestyle intrigue Jared to develop wellness and preventative programs for all public citizens. He aspires to pursue a PhD in Public Health and to further contribute as a leader in healthcare organization serving global citizens in the US, Mexico, and some of the world's most poorest regions.
2nd Place Winner: Nere A. Kapiteni

Nere' is pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree from New York Institute of Technology.

"Promise": Nere understands the impact of social, legal, economic, political, and technological forces on environmental conservation. She aspires to use the arts of 3D animation and Computer Graphics combined with her creativity and artistic skills to develop educational media, pedagogy, and curricula for students and the greater community at large. Nere has strengthened her efficacy to fulfill her promise in this invaluable area by serving as an intern at R. L. Migdal Creative Multimedia Studio. She also plans to further her education and knowledge in environmental studies to serve as liaison for grassroot and established NGOs that are vested in the Global Environmental Conservation Movement.

3rd Place Winner: Chelsea Lessard

Chelsea is pursuing an Associate of Science Degree at Pellissippi State Community College.

"Promise": Chelsea aspires to be a CNA and ultimately a Registered Nurse. She finds the (1 out of 31) statistic of women who die during or after child delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa to be appalling and worthy of the attention of the entire globlal health community. Chelsea wants to travel to Southeast Asia to provide prenatal and postnatal care for women in remote towns and villages.
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2014 "From Failure to Promise Scholars"
1st Place Winner: Raisa Garcia

Raisa is pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Alliant lnternational University.

Raisa is a student fellow for the Maternal and Child Health Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA).

"Promise": Raisa has pursued and has been able to gain a clinical practicum at a skilled nursing facility followed by a clinical and research internship at a neuropsychology private practice clinic and lab.

She would now like to focus on families and couples in the military. Domestic violence, suicide, and divorce are widespread epidemics faced by military personnel and families. One in four military children has symptoms of depression, and more than one in three has anxiety issues, according to a study in the May 27 issue of the journal “Pediatrics. "Military children move an average of six to 12 times during their school years, according to the Military Child Education Coalition, and each of those moves can create anxiety."

Retrieved on August 3, 2014, retrieved from http://www.dvidshub.net/.
2nd Place Winner: Jennifer K. Dowell

Jennifer is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at Sheridan College in Sheridan, Wyoming.

"Promise": Jennifer earned a Bachelor's degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University in 2006. After surviving the the downturn of the US Construction Industry in 2008 and 2009; she re-examined her true desire to
embark upon a career in healthcare. Jennifer desires to become a registered nurse and to serve on medical missions with her church and to volunteer her services to Doctors without Borders working in Africa, Haiti, and Thailand. She also wants to earn a Masters degree in Nursing Anesthesia and be a proponent for changing the VA Healthcare system in the United States.

3rd Place Winner: Cindy Chen

Cindy is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Degree at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada.

"Promise": Cindy wants to challenge the stereotypes and underrepresentation of minorities in film and television. According to Business Insider, 6 owners controlled 90% of all media in the US (i.e. ABC, AP, CNN, and NBC). She aspires to be a prominent proponent of media ownership regulation, in order to ensure that broadcasting information is more reflective of a global community than a mere handful of media giants.
2013 "From Failure to Promise" k-12 Educator's Grant Recipients

Knowledge Academies (Elizabeth Linville) - Antioch, TN
Watermen's Museum  (Michael Steen) - Yorktown, VA
Beyond Basics, Inc. (Pam Good) - Southfield, MI
George Washington Carver HS  (Janet Dyer) - Birmingham, AL
2015 Finalists

1st Place Winner
Chloe Bradway

(3) Honorable Mentions

Morgan D. Jones
Otis R. Kemutambah
Rachael Mickel