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Program Description*: Briefly describe how you would use the $500 "From Failure to Promise" K-12 Educator's Grant " to assist/educate your students in your respective discipline. (In 200 words or less) - PLEASE INCLUDE A BUDGET FOR $500
Program Outcomes*: How will students benefit from this program and how will you measure the impact/outcomes of the program? (In 200 words or less)
"We look forward to reviewing your application and assisting your students reach promise"
I certify and can provide written documentation that this applicant is a nonprofit organization, a school or a library
If awarded a "From Failure to Promise" K-12 Educator's Grant, this organization will comply with all grant stipulations and provide a written report within 9 months. (Dr. C Moorer will provide parameters for the written report, anticipated to be no more than two pages in length.)
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"2016" - From Failure to Promise K-12 Educator's Grants

How would $500 help you move students/youth "From Failure to Promise" in Literacy, Math, Science, or Technology?

Dr. C Moorer has written his inspirational story of flunking out of college to becoming an engineer, consultant, and ultimately a university professor to stimulate the minds and drive the ambitions of readers of all ages.

Now, your school/organization has the opportunity to receive a $500 grant to create new and innovative ways to use the tenets of "From Failure to Promise: An Uncommon Path to Professoriate" , to motivate, energize, and catapult your K-12 students/youth to reach their full promise in literacy, math, science, or technology.

To support educators, Dr. C Moorer & Associates, Inc., will award several $500 mini grants in 2016 to community-based organizations, libraries or schools with creative ideas for adopting and using "From Failure to Promise" in their curriculum.

Who can apply?

Educators (kindergarten through grade 12) and youth-group leaders are encouraged to apply.


July 31, 2016

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